classroom resources

Learn how you can incorporate beef into your classroom! From meat identification and hands-on cooking resources to learning about beef from pasture to plate these great, FREE resources are easily incorporated into various classroom settings.

REcipes & cooking

Batch Cooking_Roast

Find links to our recipe collections, recipe videos, cooking videos, cooking method factsheets/handouts and MORE! 

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cattle production

Region 1 - Blue Lake Farms - South Carolina, 2017 Region 2 - Blue Lake Farm - South Carolina

Get an inside view of Wisconsin beef farms and beef operations across the country and see how they raise wholesome, nutritous beef.  

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beef nutrition

Raw ground beef, round patties for making burgers

Beef is a great source of 10 essential nutrients that support a heart-healthy lifestyle including protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins. The nutrients found in beef provide our bodies with the strength to thrive and grow. 

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self-guided online learning


Check out these free online educational resources. They provide what you need to incorporate beef education into your agriculture, culinary or dietetic curriculum. 

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