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beef quality assurance

BQA programs have evolved to include best practices around good record keeping and protecting herd health, which can result in more profits for producers. When better quality cows leave the farm and reach the market place, the producer, packer, and consumer all benefit. When better quality beef reaches the supermarket, consumers are more confident in the beef they are buying, and this increases beef consumption. 

beef quality assurance in Wisconsin

BQA does more than just help beef producers capture more value from their cattle: BQA also reflects a positive public image and instills consumer confidence in the beef industry. When producers implement the best management practices of a BQA program, they assure the cattle they sell are the best they can be. Today, the stakes are even higher because of increased public attention on animal welfare. BQA is valuable to all beef and dairy producers because it: 

  • Demonstrates commitment to food safety and quality.
  • Safeguards the public image of the beef and dairy industries. 
  • Upholds consumer confidence in valuable beef products. 
  • Improves sale value of marketed beef cattle. 
  • Enhances herd profitability through better management. 

How can you become certified?

BQA certification can be done online or by attending an in person training organized by Wisconsin’s Beef Quality Assurance Coordinators. Visit for the online courses.  You can select from the type of production that best fits your farm – cow/calf, stocker/backgrounder, feedyard or transportation. 

Farmers can also become certified by attending an in-person training.  To find upcoming sessions, visit the calendar on UW-Extension’s Wisconsin Beef Information Center.

Dairy farmers:  The national dairy FARM program can help dairy producers manage their operations in ways that will insure quality milk as well as produce beef that will meet consumer expectations. All dairy producers that complete a FARM 3.0 evaluation are BQA equivalent. For more information on the FARM program visit:  National Dairy Farm. 

Wisconsin’s Beef Quality Assurance Coordinators are:

Tammy Vaassen

Wisconsin Beef Council

957 Liberty Drive, Suite 201
Verona, Wisconsin 53593

(608) 833-9940

Sandy stuttgen

UW-Extension Taylor County

(715) 748-3327
[email protected]

bill halfman


(608) 269-8722
[email protected]