2020-2021 beef in the classroom grant program

The Beef in the Classroom grant program helps teachers buy beef products to be used in high school Family & Consumer Science and Agriculture classes across the state of Wisconsin. This program allows teachers to strengthen their lessons about lean beef selection, storage, preparation and nutrition by having funds available to buy and prepare beef with their students.  The grant reimburses teachers between $100-300 per school per year, depending upon class size.

Spring semester applications were due on February 1, 2021. 

Completed Reimbursement and Evaluation Form, including receipts, is due to the WBC office by June 18, 2021.

spring 2021 reimbursement and evaluation form

Program changes in the 2020-2021 school year

The Wisconsin Beef Council knows that this school year is certainly looking different, and we have made adjustments to the Beef in the Classroom program in order to best assist as many Wisconsin students as possible throughout this school year. Teachers who will be providing in-person instruction are eligible to apply for grant dollars, but those who are teaching virtually are not eligible to receive the grant. We recognize that the status of in-person versus virtual instruction may have changed between the fall and spring semesters, so we are offering two rounds of grant applications - one in the fall semester and one in the spring. The deadlines to apply and be reimbursed for fall semester grants have passed, but spring semester applications are now open. Teachers who have received and been reimbursed for fall semester grants are not eligible for spring semester grants.

spring semester applications are now open!

If you are teaching virtually, we would highly encourage you to still submit the application form and select "Virtual" as your current method of instruction, and we will be sure to give you access to all of our educational resources and keep you updated when the spring semester application is available.

who is eligible?

  • Senior High School Family and Consumer Science Classrooms
  • Senior High School Agriculture Education Classrooms
  • Senior High School STEM Classrooms
  • We ask for ONE application per school district
  • Fall Semester 2020 Grant Recipients (Teachers who were pre-approved in fall and unable to use the grant are highly encouraged to re-apply!)

Please note - only those classrooms which will be teaching in-person are eligible to receive grant funds. Teachers providing lessons virtually are still encouraged to submit the application form in order to receive access to the entire Wisconsin Beef Council online library of educational resources and materials. 

Beef & Veal Grant Guidelines

  • If you are a teacher and would like to apply for the Beef & Veal in the Classroom Grant, you must fill out the Application Form. Keep in mind, available funds are limited, so be sure to send your application in as soon as possible!
  • Program funds may only be used to purchase beef (beef can be fresh, frozen or fully cooked).
  • Once your grant application is received and approved, you will receive confirmation from the Wisconsin Beef Council. Spring grant dollars must be spent during the 2021 spring semester.
  • After you have completed your in-class lesson and used the grant to purchase beef, you will need to fill out the Beef & Veal in the Classroom Evaluation Form in order to be reimbursed. You will need to scan your beef purchase receipts and include in this form. 
  • Completed Evaluation Form, including receipts, is due to the WBC office by June 18, 2021. 
  • After receiving the completed evaluation form and grocery receipts for beef purchases, the Wisconsin Beef Council will reimburse you. Checks will be made out to schools only. No check will be issued to an individual. Checks will not be issued without receipts and a completed evaluation form.
  • Please be judicious with your spending/purchasing of beef and take into consideration your class size. We want to be able to provide assistance to as many school districts as possible with the funds we have available.
  • Please Note: Funds can only be used in a classroom or lab setting. Funds cannot be used for school BBQ’s or other school functions. A new application form must be filled out for each semester of the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines will affect the school’s ability to receive funds in the future.

For questions or concerns please contact angie horkan at 608.833.9941 or [email protected]

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