2024 madison burger week 🍔

may 17-24, 2024

The WBC and Cap Times are proud to present Madison Burger Week, May 17-24, 2024.  Participating restaurants, bars or taverns will either showcase a burger from their menu or concoct something new for you to try. We'll be adding participating locations and burger details HERE as they come in, so stay tuned. You’ll also find a Madison Burger Week guide inside the May 15 and 22 print editions of the Cap Times. 

There's a lot at "steak" here, and no pressure, but — it's all up to you. Throughout the week, as you’re trying out scrumptious burgers, you can vote daily for whom you think makes Madison’s best.  Last year, there were 27 participating locations, 21 burgers and close to 500 votes cast. We're confident that the competition will be even steeper this year — get your buns ready! 🍔