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Wisconsin helps expand national beef promotion efforts

Wisconsin Beef Council staff recently attended the annual Partnerships in Action (PIA) conference to learn about national Beef Checkoff programs and discuss ways those efforts could be expanded in the state. 


Beef in the Classroom grant applications open 

The Wisconsin Beef Council is helping teachers incorporate beef products into middle and high school curriculum across the state as part of its annual Beef in the Classroom Grant Program for the 2022-2023 school year. 


Beef Checkoff launches local beef directory

The Wisconsin Beef Council is inviting farmers to join a free local beef directory hosted on the organization’s website. All producers who directly sell beef off the farm or at a farmer’s market are welcome to add their information to the list by completing the online registration found at 


Madison Burger Week Returns!

kaitlyn riley | May 2022

Support Farmers During may beef month

kaitlyn riley | April 2022

Wisconsin Beef Ambassador Applications Available

kaitlyn riley | February 2022

wbc hosts ag advocacy webinar with amanda radke

brooke roberts | november 2020

fall beef in the classroom grants awarded

brooke roberts | november 2020

beef in the classroom reaches over 6,500 wi students

brooke roberts | september 2020

burger contest offered at kids culinary camp

brooke roberts | september 2020

wbc prepares for summer grilling campaign

brooke roberts | june 2020

wisconsin beef ambassador team selected

brooke roberts | may 2020

statement on status of state beef industry

brooke roberts | april 2020

checkoff sponsors 'best of beef' award

tammy vaassen | march 2020

timely producer updates

tammy vaassen | march 2020

Beef in the classroom program kicks off 

brooke roberts | december 2019

holiday advertising promotes beef and family

brooke roberts | December 2019

Wisconsin beef council elects leadership 

brooke roberts | november 2019

Wisconsin beef partners with festival foods

brooke roberts | october 2019

Wisconsin hosts central american importers

brooke roberts | october 2019

Wisconsin Beef Council advertising update

brooke roberts | august 2019

beef outreach to health professionals

Tammy vaassen | july 2019

Beef featured in prostart contest


WBC Promotes Heart healthy beef

Tammy Vaassen |May 2019

Wisconsin beef industry recognizes farmers

Tammy Vaassen |March 2019

Wisconsin Consumer Views of Beef

Tammy Vaassen| February 2019

Foreign Marketing Efforts Continue

Tammy vaassen | january 2019

Wbc reaches consumers online

tammy vaassen| december 2018

worksite wellness in madison

tammy vaassen| December 2018

working to provide bqa training

tammy vaassen | december 2018