At Home With Beef

Go ahead, settle in. We're here to help you make the most of your beef purchases with proper storage, defrosting and (the fun part) some delicious recipe inspiration to feed your family. We've got kid-friendly recipes and activities to keep your family healthy and happy while keeping you, sane.

Buy local

If you're looking for that personal connection to your beef producer, there's many ways to buy local. Look at labels at the grocery store, visit your local meat market or farmers market, or buy direct from a farm. These local farm directories can help you get started! 




frig & freezer guidelines

How you handle your beef at home is important to quality and safety.

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determining doneness

Garlic and Thyme Steak Rub

A meat thermometer and these tips on determining doneness for steaks, Ground Beef and roasts will help ensure that your beef is safe and delicious.

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batch cooking beef

These guides walks you through how to batch cook steaks and roasts so you can enjoy all week long.

Batch Cooking Shredded Beef

Batch Cooking Steak

all about Ground Beef

Serve this classic chili atop whole wheat noodles and offer kids a variety of toppings.

The versatility of Ground Beef has made it one of America’s all-time favorite go-to cuts. From hamburgers to lasagna, tacos to meatloaf, Ground Beef offers quick, easy and delicious options for any meal.

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Tools for a balanced life

Grilled Steak and Watermelon Salad

stay fit at home

The essential nutrients found in beef, like protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins, provide our bodies and minds with the fuel we need at all stages of life to be the strongest version of ourselves. Learn more about how beef's nutrients, along with a healthy lifestyle, work to help build muscle and mental strength.

Farm to Gym Workout

Strength: Field Manual

7-Day Meal Plan

Recipes for Strength

Well-Balanced Meals

recipe collections

ground beef favorites

Fresh Tomato, Beef and Penne Pasta

There’s almost nothing easier than a meal with Ground Beef. From fried rice to tacos, here are some of our favorites!

classic beef comforts

North Woods Hearty Beef Pot Roast

Take comfort in all your favorite classic beef dishes, like meatloaf, stroganoff, meatballs and more.  

5 ingredients or less

Beef & Vegetable Meatball

Since when does a recipe need to include a refrigerator’s worth of ingredients and a novel-sized step list?

recipes  for under $15

Beef and Barley Soup

These recipes cost less than $15 but taste like a million.

keeping the kids entertained

kid-friendly fare

Confetti Beef Tacos Horizontal

Getting kids cooking is a great way to keep them busy as well as use math and reading skills, while encouraging creativity.

Kid-Friendly Recipes

virtual ranch tours

Triple-U Ranch

Take a virtual reality tour of farms and ranches across the United States to see how America's beef farmers and ranchers raise cattle to produce high-quality beef.

Saddle Up! 

kids activities


Download the Beef. It's What's For Dinner. Coloring Book and Activity Book for kids.

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explore different cuts

Open meat case

Whether you're looking for a lean cut for a weeknight dinner or a tender cut for your holiday roast, our cut collections will provide you with everything you need to know next time you're at the meat case..

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Cooking lessons


Curious about the best way to braise a roast? Want to know how to make a delicious stir-fry or perfectly brown Ground Beef? Our cooking lessons have everything that you need!

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recipe search engine

Wild Mushroom Beef Stew

Are you in the mood for something seasonal? Or just need a simple dinner solution that only requires one pot. Look no further! Our recipe collections have a variety of recipe choices for any occasion or event!

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