Curious about the best way to grill a steak or braise a pot roast? Want to know how to make a delicious stir-fry or how to perfectly brown Ground Beef? Our cooking lessons have everything that you need!

virtual cooking classes

Are you looking for new, tasty beef recipes and have an hour to spare on a weeknight?  If so, join us virtually for a Wisconsin Beef Council cooking class!  

Grab your apron, beverage of choice and your beef recipe ingredients and join Angie Horkan, WBC Director of Marketing, and Sarah Agena, RD, WBC Consulting Dietitian, and we will make a delicious beef recipe, from start-to-finish that your family will enjoy for dinner!   

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Cut Swaps

Can't find the beef steak listed in your recipe? No worries, we have you covered. Beef’s great versatility means there are plenty of options for every taste and budget

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Cut Swaps

You’re hosting a big family dinner and want to cook a delicious beef dinner that is sure to impress. Here are some options of great beef cuts to make that meal extraordinary. Consider these classic roast swaps, which can be great substitutions without sacrificing flavor. 

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all about beef burgers

Summer Grilling 2021

Nothing says summer quite like the sound of real beef sizzling on the grill, and there’s no better time to enjoy a juicy burger than this summer. Check out some recipes and tips for a delicious beef burger.

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beef on a budget

Beef Top Sirloin and Potato Kabobs

Beef is delicious, nutritious and oh-so-easy to prepare. And affordable too!  Explore some budget-friendly recipes, leftover ideas and cooking tips to make the most out of any meal.

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explore different beef cuts

Open meat case

Whether you're looking for a lean cut for a family dinner or a tender cut for your holiday roast, our collections will provide you with everything you need to know when you're at the meat case

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explore some classics:

All about ground beef

Serve this classic chili atop whole wheat noodles and offer kids a variety of toppings.

The versatility of Ground Beef has made it one of America’s all-time favorite go-to cuts. From hamburgers to lasagna, tacos to meatloaf, Ground Beef offers quick, easy and delicious options for any meal.

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all about corned beef

Classic Corned Beef with Cabbage and Potatoes

Whether you want to roast it in the oven or set-it-and-forget-it in the slow cooker, Corned Beef offers a flavorful meal that the whole family will enjoy. Check out some of our delicious Corned Beef recipes.

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all about prime rib

Beef Rib Roast with Red Wine-Cherry Sauce

For special occasions, or just a nice family dinner, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving your friends and family the absolute best, so it’s only fitting to want to serve them a delicious meal with Prime Rib. 

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all about beef jerky

Peppered Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky can be an easy way to add extra flavor to your meal or enjoyed by itself to add additional protein to your diet throughout the day.

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try something new:

tips to smoking beef

Smoked Sirloin Cap Roast

Smoking meat is a beloved low and slow cooking method used to create some favorite BBQ staples like Brisket and Ribs.

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slow-cooking tips

Slow-Cooked Beef & Mushroom Braciole

This cooking method is a favorite for good reason: it’s easy and results in a tender, flavorful meal.

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sous-vide tips

Gremolata-Topped Beef Roast

This method of cooking involves sealing food in a specific air-tight plastic bag and placing them in a temperature-controlled water environment.

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Beef at its best:

determining doneness

Garlic and Thyme Steak Rub

Do you know the difference between medium and medium-rare? Do you like your steak to be 145ºF? A meat thermometer and these tips on determining doneness for steaks, Ground Beef and roasts will help ensure that your beef is safe and delicious.

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handling beef safely


Beef has long been America’s favorite protein as it delivers great flavor and nutrition. These tips will give you a better understanding of how to decipher your choices at the meat case and how to properly store, prepare and cook beef.

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marinades and rubs

Garlic and Thyme Steak Rub

While most cuts taste great with just a pinch of salt and pepper, the chance to boost flavor with a host of savory marinades or rubs invites exploration and takes your beef to new flavor heights.

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beef and liquor pairing


While it all comes down to personal preference, we have compiled some general guidelines to finding the perfect beef and alcohol pairing.

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