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basics about beef booklet

This 20-page booklet talks about all things beef. 

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beef cookery

24 page booklet with instructions for cooking methods.

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confident cooking

Confident Cooking with Beef 2022

Confident Cooking with Beef is a comprehensive guide to selecting, preparing and cooking beef.  With tips and tricks, comprehensive cooking lessons and timing charts, you’ll have what you need to ensure beef success every time! 

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beef cut chart


A one-page handout, showing where retail beef cuts originate on the carcass and appropriate cooking method. 


3 Simple Steps for Stewing Beef

beef cooking methods handouts

3 Simple Steps for Broiling Beef - Download PDF

3 Simple Steps for Stewing Beef - Download PDF

3 Simple Steps for Skillet Cooking Beef - Download PDF

3 Simple Steps to Skillet-to-Oven Cooking - Download PDF

3 Simple Steps for Indirect Grilling Beef - Download PDF

3 Simple Steps for Grilling Beef - Download PDF  

3 Simple Steps for Stir-Frying Beef - Download PDF  

3 Simple Steps for Braising/Pot Roasting Beef - Download PDF  

3 Simple Steps for Oven-Roasting Beef - Download PDF  

beef choices

Beef Choices Nutrition

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grass vs. grain

Grain finished vs grass finished beef

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USDA Understanding Marbling

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quality grades

USDA Understanding Beef Quality Grades

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beef cuts

Whether you're looking for a lean cut for a weeknight family dinner or a large, tender cut for your holiday roast, our cut collections will provide you with everything you need to choose the perfect cut next time you're at the meat case.

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