flavors from wisconsin

Food brings people together. It unites us. And is a reason to celebrate. Check out these recipes and grilling tips & tricks from our Wisconsin food blogger friends and our farmers.

Grill like you mean it! 

grilling the perfect burger

How to grill the perfect burger with The Gourmet RD

grilled porterhouse steak

Learn how to cook a Grilled Porterhouse Steak perfectly every time in just a few simple steps with Create Kids Club

grilled hawaiian meatballs

Try these Grilled Hawaiian Beef Meatballs from Lemon Tree Dwelling on the grill tonight!  

carne asada
grilled flank steak

This Carne Asada recipe from Simple Joy is an easy recipe that you will fall in love with. Full of delicious flavor, this recipe will become a favorite for taco night!

fArmer FAve's

wisconsin's farm families favorite beef recipes

riechers family favorite spicy lasagna

Farm-Ous Beef Lasagna

"Kids and cattle have a lot in common. One of the similarities they share is both are happier when you feed them what they want, not what you want to serve them."  Mark Riechers, Riechers Beef Farm

holterman hamburger Bake

"I make this ultimate-comfort food recipe often.  I usually make this as the first meal  when hosting International interns, and many of them ask to have it at their send-off celebration meal.  So I know they like it!" Daphne Holterman, Rosy-Lane Holsteins