Creamy Ground Beef Pasta Soup-4:3

Creamy Ground Beef Pasta Soup

This recipe is perfect for busy parents that don't want to spend a lot of time cooking a meal that their kids don't want to eat! This recipe is also for anyone who just wants an affordable and delicious meal.


  • 1 pound lean Ground Beef 
  • 1 medium onion, chopped 
  • 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning 
  • 2-3 cloves minced garlic 
  • Salt and pepper to taste 
  • 4 cups beef stock 
  • 1 jar (24 oz) spaghetti sauce 
  • 1 can (15 oz) tomato sauce 
  • 2 cups uncooked pasta 
  • 4 oz cream cheese 
  • Fresh basil, optional 
  • Parmesan cheese, optional 


1. Heat large nonstick stock pot over medium heat until hot. Add Ground Beef and onion; cook 8 to 10 minutes, breaking into 3/4-inch crumbles and stirring occasionally. Pour off drippings, if needed.  Add Italian seasoning, garlic, salt and pepper, to taste. 

Cook's Tip: Cooking times are for fresh or thoroughly thawed Ground Beef. Ground Beef should be cooked to an internal temperature of 160°F. Color is not a reliable indicator of Ground Beef doneness. 

2.  Add beef stock, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce and pasta to pot and let simmer for approximately 10-12 minutes or until pasta is al dente.  

3. Add cream cheese and mix well.  Continue simmering until pasta is tender and soup is thickened to your liking. Garnish with fresh basil and parmesan cheese.

  • 30 Minutes
  • 6 Servings