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Beef producers across the states work hard to put beef on your table. We actually love providing food for your families- it's one of the reasons why we do what we do! - Samantha Solin

Welcome to Solin Cattle Company! My name is Sam. My Husband, Matt, and I enjoy raising kids and cows together in Northcentral Wisconsin in Langlade County. We have quite a mix of color in our cows, and that is just the way we like it. Our herd is comprised of purebred Shorthorn, Shorthorn plus, Angus, and commercial cows. 

Matt is a 5th generation farmer, and I grew up showing Shorthorn heifers across the state. We both have a deep love for farming and our beef cattle. We work hard to give them the best life possible (As most farmers do!). When we first “put our herds together,” we had the vision of producing show stock. Now, our vision is a bit different. We still want to create high-quality cattle, but we focus more on raising our cattle for our community members to enjoy and have immersed ourselves in the “meat business.” In the past couple of years, we started direct selling our beef to our community members. Now, there is nothing that leaves our farm that doesn’t come back to our farm. What we mean by that is all steers and heifers that are not kept for replacement females are raised for beef packages. Our steers are fed a custom grain mix, hay, and enjoy green grass! As they get closer to harvesting, their custom grain mix changes to make the meat more tender and flavorful. All cows that are culled from our herd will be made into beef sticks, one of our best sellers! We do this all while keeping in mind our daughter will hopefully be showing soon just like her parents were back in the day! Matt and I really enjoy having our daughter, Olive, at the beef farm with us. She enjoys feeding her steers, and we have watched them grow together! It is pretty neat to think that we are raising a 6th generation farmer. 

Normally, Matt and I breed our cows to calve in March and April. Our winters up here are brutal, and winter sticks around a lot longer than in southern Wisconsin. Typically, we are pretty busy in those early “spring” months. When a cow is gets close to calving, she is brought into a paddock closer to the barn where she can be watched even more closely and brought into the barn when the time is right. 

When we bring our beef cows into the front pen where they will be sorted into the chute, we work hard to do so calmly and quietly! We work hard to make sure they stay relaxed. This year Matt and I went back to artificially inseminating our cows, so these girls are being brought in to be synced up to be bred. The cows will be bred to a variety of different bulls this year using A.I. Then our bull will be turned out to breed whoever didn’t get pregnant from A.I. This year our bull is one that we raised ourselves out of one of our very best SimAngus cows. We are pretty proud of him. 

Thank you for reading along! Remember, beef is packed with essential nutrients our bodies need! Beef producers across the states work hard to put beef on your table. We actually love providing food for your families- it's one of the reasons why we do what we do! Enjoy a steak tonight and if you would like you can follow us at Solin Cattle Company!

Solin Cattle Company

Bryant, WI


Cows are bred and calves are born and raised every year on cow-calf farms and ranches, spending time grazing on grass pastures within sight of their mothers.

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