Jerry Huth & Josh Scharf

"Our families take great pride in knowing that we are providing our neighbors with high-quality protein in the most sustainable way possible."

Cattle farmers, like us, are dedicated to caring for our animals and the land every day of the year.  

Our cattle farm supports a healthy, stable ecosystem. Through our grazing management practices, the cattle act as land stewards by stimulating the soil with their hooves and grazing forages to maximize photosynthesis. The grasslands remove carbon from the atmosphere, storing it in the soil. Our cattle grazing management practices accelerate the carbon storage process in the soil which assists in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, bringing us closer to climate neutrality. We also work with government agencies like Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources to ensure our practices align with public land goals. 

Along with raising cattle, we’re sportsmen—like many in Wisconsin—who benefit from an abundance of healthy wildlife. Our sustainable cattle-raising practices—like our focus on promoting strong, nutrient-dense soil and pastures – create diverse plant life and maintains habitat for countless wildlife species. 

Our families take great pride in knowing that we are providing our neighbors with high-quality protein in the most sustainable way possible.    

Consumers should feel good about eating beef, knowing it is produced on farms just like ours, by people just like us, all across America.  

-Jerry Huth & Josh Scharf 

Jerry Huth and Josh Scharf of Oakfield, Wis. work together to reach their sustainability goals. Jerry started Huth Polled Herefords in 1962. To expand the operation and plan for a transition of ownership, Josh joined as an employee. He is now a partner in the Huth Cattle commercial herd. 

Josh and Jerry received an environmental stewardship award from the Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association in 2021.

Josh and Chuck Schaumburg (a mechanic at the farm) stand by a managed grazing sign from the Department of Natural Resources. Josh and Jerry graze their cattle on this state land. 

The vegetation fenced off is what the forage was before Jerry and Josh started grazing the land just a few short years ago. 

Cows first start having calves in the first week of April and continue through June. 

Jerry and Josh maintain a herd of registered Polled Herefords on their farm. Polled means they will not grow horns.

Huth Polled Herefords is a family-owned and operated beef feedstock farm founded in 1962.

Huth Polled Herefords

Oakfield, Wisconsin


Cows are bred and calves are born and raised every year on cow-calf farms and ranches, spending time grazing on grass pastures within sight of their mothers.

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