Wisconsin May Beef Month

2024 Beef Promotion Farm Signs

The Wisconsin Beef Council will be selecting 5 applications for the 2024 Beef Promotion Farm Signs. If selected, we will work with you to get your preferred design and provide your sign printer with the design file. You will be responsible for getting it printed and put up, ensuring the sign follows WI DOT rules. You will also be responsible for maintaining the sign for the remainder of its life. Once you have put up the sign, and sent us a photo, we will reimburse you $200 toward the cost of the sign. 

Sign Requirements

Sign Parameters

Here are the suggested sign parameters (we are also able to help you find a sign printer in your area if needed):

  • Recommended size is 4 ft by 8 ft.
  • Can be double or single-sided, flat, or V-shaped.
  • Can print it on heavy-duty 16 or 18-oz outdoor vinyl or 8 to 10 mm corrugated plastic and then mount it to a stronger board or print it on coroplast or aluminum.

Wisconsin DOT Rules

Wisconsin DOT rules for sign placement are as follows:

  • Sign must include the name of the farm or establishment name.
  • Be located within the immediate vicinity of the business activities conducted on the property. The immediate vicinity is defined as the area bounded by the buildings, driveways, and parking areas, OR within 50 feet of those areas.
  • Not be located across a street or road from where the business is conducted.
  • Not be located on a narrow strip.
  • Be located entirely on the business property (includes overhang and landscaping).
  • Be outside of any setbacks (including overhang and landscaping).
  • Not encroach onto the highway right of way.
  • Not constitute a safety hazard (i.e., does not impede adequate traffic vision lines for all roads and all access points that serve this business).

Sign Options

Option 1

Farm name only

Option 2

Farm name with silhouette

Option 3

Farm name with raw steak image

Option 4

Farm name with cooked steak image