TRavis Clark 

Farm Operation, Employment or Business Details: I am a dairy farmer with Vision Aire Farms, LLC. I currently farm with my wife, Janet, brother-in-law David, and parents Roger and Sandy Grade. 

How did you become involved in the industry? Our dairy cooperative, Farm First Dairy Cooperative, has a seat on the Wisconsin Beef Council Board, and I was chosen to represent our members. 

What does the WBC mission mean to you – ‘To Build Demand for Beef that is Sustainable for Future Generations’? The demand for beef is needed for our children to have a future in farming. 

Favorite thing about being a WBC board member: Networking and building knowledge on where my cows go to their second career. 

What WBC program area do you feel is important to growing demand for beef? Consumer education

If you could tell your friends one key thing about the Beef Checkoff, what would it be? It's amazing how far you can stretch $1.00.

Favorite thing about the agricultural industry: We are 1% that is feeding 99%.

Favorite piece of advice you’ve ever received: Hard work and dedication is not overlooked.