Hannah Statz

Farm Operation, Employment or Business Details: Dairy Farm

How did you become involved in the industry? I became involved with my family dairy at a young age.

What does the WBC mission mean to you – ‘To Build Demand for Beef that is Sustainable for Future Generations’? To keep beef on people's plates and to continue increasing consumer confidence in our product and our practices. 

Favorite thing about being a WBC board member: I learn so much about what happens within the industry beyond the farm.

What WBC program area do you feel is important to growing demand for beef and why? Promotion and marketing. If beef is on people's minds, they are more likely to purchase it.  

If you could tell your friends one key thing about the Beef Checkoff, what would it be? The people of the Beef Checkoff work very hard to create ways to support the beef industry and keep beef on consumer plates. 

Favorite thing about the agricultural industry: Our passion and dedication to sustaining a quality product and caring for animals and land! 

Favorite piece of advice you’ve ever received: Tomorrow is a new day.