Curt Larson

Farm Operation, Employment or Business Details: I am the president and chief executive officer of Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association.

How did you become involved in the industry? I earned an accounting degree from an agriculture school where my best friends were farm kids. After college, I went to work for a major meat packer and quickly moved to livestock accounting given my understanding and ability to work with producers. 

What does the WBC mission mean to you – ‘To Build Demand for Beef that is Sustainable for Future Generations’? It's all about educating consumers about all the benefits of beef - health benefits of consuming, environmental benefits of raising, and the economic benefits of the whole industry. 

Favorite thing about being a WBC board member: Telling the story of our dedicated and hard-working beef producers to consumers who enjoy the products. 

What WBC program area do you feel is important to growing demand for beef and why? The Beef in the Classroom program exposes kids who may not have the opportunity to work with beef. The television appearances are huge in keeping beef on viewers' minds. 

If you could tell your friends one key thing about the Beef Checkoff, what would it be? I tell everyone how dedicated, passionate, and hardworking the staff who represent them are!

Favorite thing about the agricultural industry: The passion and work ethic of farmers. 

Favorite piece of advice you’ve ever received: Just keep doing the right things the right way. Don't take shortcuts just because others do. Continue to prove you are better than your competition.