Brady weiland

Farm Operation, Employment or Business Details: I am a 5th generation dairy producer with my parents and brother, Brett, in Columbus, WI. Our team cares for 1,200 dairy cows and raises our beef-cross calves to 600 pounds. We currently farm 500 acres and buy the remainder of our feed and forages. 

How did you become involved in the industry? I was born and raised on our 5th generation dairy farm.

What does the WBC mission mean to you – ‘To Build Demand for Beef that is Sustainable for Future Generations’? Wisconsin is a large producer of beef, and a large part of our business is also from beef sales, with that being said it is important to our family that Wisconsin continues to grow the demand for beef so that our family farm can continue to be viable for future generations. 

Favorite thing about being a WBC board member: I enjoy the network of producers and industry professionals I get to work with on the board. Also, I get a firsthand look at our Beef Checkoff dollars at work. 

What WBC program area do you feel is important to growing demand for beef and why? Promotion and exports. It’s all about demand. 

If you could tell your friends one key thing about the Beef Checkoff, what would it be? The Beef Checkoff does a great job leveraging your dollar to promote beef, so please be supportive. 

Favorite thing about the agricultural industry: The people.

Favorite piece of advice you’ve ever received: Manage cows, Lead people.