Evergreen Hill Farms

Like many Wisconsin beef farmers, Perry and Cheri are resilient and passionate enough to continue to do what they love; raise a supreme beef product for the center of your plate.

Perry Wolff and his fiancé Cheri Conro own and operate a 70 head Purebred Simmental Seedstock farm called Evergreen Hill Farms in Edgar, Wisconsin. Evergreen Hill farms is a third generation family farm that has transitioned from Perry’s parent’s family dairy cattle farm into a modern beef genetics program. In addition to the cattle farm, Perry also works for a livestock marketing organization. Perry and Cheri are young and enthusiastic beef farmers who have seen their fair share of challenges on the farm but choose to continue to work toward their dreams.

Along with various other factors in beef production, the weather is uncontrollable. After a devastating tornado swept through Evergreen Hill Farms in 2016, Perry and Cheri were left with destroyed livestock buildings, a severely damaged house and a lot of work ahead. Through perseverance and determination to bring the farm back to its original state, Evergreen Hill Farms has slowly began to rebuild from its original foundation and progress to fit future cattle dreams and consumer demands.

Getting back to their foundation is something Perry not only set as a goal for the physical farm but also for the genetics of his cattle herd. Evergreen Hill Farm sets themselves apart from the rest by utilizing a mix of older but proven genetics with a very select sampling of the most progressive modern genetics of today in their herd. “We have a very driven focus to always make our cattle better by utilizing the very best genetics available and having an extensive embryo transfer and A.I. program. “ Many of the cattle on the farm exemplify traditional purebred Simmental cattle.

“We’ve pulled traditional genetics back into our herd. By being very selective with our breeding choices we have been able to raise an excellent product for the consumer and our customers.”

Evergreen Hill Farms utilizes science to bring out hybrid-vigor in their cattle genetics. By taking the traditional genetics of his females and mating them with more modern genetics of various bulls in the industry, Perry is able to get “the best of both worlds”- easy keeping and sustainable cattle with larger frame size and meat quality that consumers are wanting.  “We are constantly trying to balance performance with cattle that have a phenotype that is pleasing to the eye!”

“The tornado coming through taught us a lot about raising cattle in “other than ideal” circumstances but also how we can better manage our cattle to thrive despite the unimaginable and how to be better stewards of the land and cattle.”

The saying “Something old, something new” has resulted in Evergreen Hill Farms raising high quality beef with excellent meat characteristics. Like many Wisconsin beef farmers, Perry and Cheri  are resilient and passionate enough to continue to do what they love; raise a supreme beef product for the center of your plate. 

Evergreen Hill Farms

edgar, wisconsin


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