Get Your Grill On

It doesn’t matter if you’re #teamcharcoal or #teamgasgrill, our delicious beef recipes, along with some helpful tips and videos will keep your family firing up grilled favorites all summer long.

Stress Free Grilling

One Pan Meal on the Grill


3 Simple Steps to Grilling

Whether you're using gas or charcoal, this guide will provide you maximum flavor and optimal tenderness.

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3 Simple Steps to Indirect Grilling

Slow cooking on a grill? Impress your friends with this set-and-forget cooking method.

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Grilling Frozen Beef

It's 5:30, you're starving, and all you have is frozen steaks and you want to grill. Don't panic, dinner isn't ruined! 

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Grilling Lean Cuts

Which lean cuts are grill ready? And, which lean cuts need a little more TLC? Find out here.

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Steaks On the Grill 

America's favorite lean grilling cuts... Strip Steak, Top Sirloin Steak, Tenderloin Steak and Flank Steak. Find recipes for them here.



Burgers... the American backyard barbecue icon! Enjoy our creative and "out of the box" twists to the all-American classic.


Marinades and Rubs

Add extra flavor with a dry rub, without adding fat, If you need to tenderize, try our tasty marinades.

Determining Doneness

Use a Thermometer

For the love of steak, learn how to cook it to the temperature you desire. Using a thermometer is the only true, accurate way to determine doneness. Recipe instructions and timetables are helpful, but your cooking surfaces vary, so reading the thermometer will tell you when to remove your beef from the heat. After it's removed the temperature will rise 5 - 15 degrees, so allowing it to rest 10-20 minutes will achieve the desired temperature and allow the juices to redistribute so every bite is perfectly moist and tender.