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These resources will make cooking beef a breeze. Explore our 3-step guides to various cooking techniques, find out what braising really means, and grill your steaks to the perfect doneness.



Whether you're using gas or charcoal, this guide will provide you maximum flavor and optimal tenderness.

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Yes, you can use that setting on your oven! Broiling = minimum effort + maximum flavor in a short time frame!

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Indirect Grilling

Slow cooking on a grill? Impress your friends with this set-and-forget cooking method.

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Great for lean cuts like sirloin, this cooking method delivers a delicious one-dish meal in minutes.

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The possibilities are endless with skillet cooking. Affordable, mouth-watering meals await.

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Skillet-to-oven cooking delivers perfect doneness and sealed in juices, making it worthy of an encore.

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Oven Roasting

Although it takes longer, this method is hands-off, allowing you to move about the house worry-free before dinner!

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The best part about stewing is that it does all the work for you. All you need is cubed beef, veggies, and liquid to cover it all.

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Braising/Pot Roasting

Not as scary as it sounds, braising is the method of choice for large, less tender cuts of beef.

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Combines thin, tender cuts of beef with a dab of oil in a sizzling skillet for succulent beef every time.

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Thawing Ground Beef

It's 5:30, you're starving, and all you have is frozen ground beef. Don't panic, dinner isn't ruined!

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Grilling Frozen Beef

It's 5:30, you're starving, and all you have is frozen steaks and you want to grill. Don't panic, dinner isn't ruined! 

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Determining Doneness

Use a Thermometer

For the love of steak, learn how to cook it to the temperature you desire. Using a thermometer is the only true, accurate way to determine doneness. Recipe instructions and timetables are helpful, but your cooking surfaces vary, so reading the thermometer will tell you when to remove your beef from the heat. After it's removed the temperature will rise 5 - 15 degrees, so allowing it to rest 10-20 minutes will achieve the desired temperature and allow the juices to redistribute so every bite is perfectly moist and tender.


Burgers 101

Widely popular, easy to fix, wholesome and satisfying, burgers have earned a place in the hearts of Americans.  

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Confident Cooking with Beef

From understanding your choices at the meat case to grilling the perfect steak, "Confident Cooking with Beef" will provide you with all things beef so you can eat smarter, feel stronger and taste greatness – all with a powerful protein you can always count on. So dig in and enjoy. You’ll be a master of beef in no time at all!

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Beef At It's Best

Enjoy beef at its best with these storage, handling, preparation and cooking techniques! 

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