beef checkoff introduces summer grilling campaign

june 2020| Brooke Roberts, director of communication and outreach

The Wisconsin Beef Council is proud to be part of a national summer grilling campaign from the Beef. It's What's for Dinner. brand. 

To extend the campaign across Wisconsin, WBC has partnered with retailers, including local meat processors. These local retailers are the fabric of local communities, serve as a market for beef farmers and are a source of delicious, wholesome beef for consumers. By encouraging Wisconsinites to "Grill Like You Mean It", WBC is creating a sense of pride amongst beef-loving communities throughout the state.

Thirty-one Wisconsin meat processors have agreed to participate in the campaign, intended to strengthen demand for beef. Those stores will have recipes and point of sale materials at the meat case to showcase the promotion and will be featured on the WBC website and social media pages. In addition, a map that incentivizes consumers to purchase beef will identify those participating processors. The widely-followed Wisconsin Beef Council social media pages and consumer advertising efforts will further elevate and keep beef top-of-mind, and partnerships with a number of in-state bloggers will feature beef and provide new beef recipes to extend the message that beef is king of the grill in Wisconsin.

For more details on the campaign, visit the link below.

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County agricultural groups (farm bureau, cattlemen, etc.) in the state are also eligible for grants that can be used for an event directly promoting beef to participants. Groups selected to receive the grant will receive $250 and up to $100 in promotional materials to support the promotional events. The application is simple, asking for the details of the event and how beef will be featured.

If a group is interested in applying, contact Ardel Quam at 608-833-9943 or