Shopping for Beef

Today’s meat case offers a variety of beef choices.  We're here to help you navigate the meat case and choose the cut that’s just right for you.

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Cooking Beef

You are just 3 simple steps away from putting together amazing beef meals. Explore our 3-step guides to various cooking techniques, find out what braising really means!!

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Whether it's finding the perfect recipe for an important celebration or just trying to throw something together in 30 minutes or less, these triple-tested recipes are perfect for any occasion and any budget. 

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How to Batch Cook Beef

Planning meals in advance has many benefits... save money and time and eat healthy! 

Batch Cook Steak

Batch Cook Shredded Beef


How to Save $$

Get our top six tips for getting the most value and enjoyment out of your beef purchase. 

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Food Safety

Keep your family safe from easy-to-prevent food-borne illnesses by following these simple steps. 

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Food Waste Challenge

The average American family wastes over $200 of food every month. Fighting food waste doesn't have to be inconvenient. The 30 Day Food Waste Challenge will help you find simple solutions to fight food waste in your daily routine. 

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How to Eat Healthy

Beef gives your body more of the high-quality protein you need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and preserve and build muscle.

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How to Buy Local

Want to research local beef purchasing options? Browse the local beef directory at Something Special from Wisconsin.

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May is National Burger Month

Let's celebrate an American icon... the burger! Enjoy our creative and "out of the box" twists to the all-American classic.

Burger Recipes

Burger 101 - Got questions about shopping, prepping, cooking burgers? We've got answers.